Thursday, September 11, 2014

So Far.. So Alone...

                      Hoping that you still remember my last blog I am continuing the story now... 
By the time I was suppose to have the flavor (feel) like the guy who lost his love long way before he could do anything, but fortunately I was not in that zone but yet I had a soft corner for those guys and sometimes I had the same feeling too. The time passed so quickly that I had nothing left to think but do the thing I was doing... living the life... Okay now as the life is introduced in here, I should elaborate something about it too. I have had a very very very plain and simple life until now. Sometimes I think that its the only great thing I have done which is not so great :) now the place where I belong is so larger than life and I so happy to live my life again. I think I am taking a long turn here, let me get back to the topic.
                      So it was the time of the high school and again I was excited as I was going to see many new faces and again that genes of mine which will never rest were popping to search for the soul mate in my school mate (now college mate). I forcefully decided not to lose focus from the studies and I selected subjects which will make me a very intelligent looking person and subsequently it will lead to the five figure salary job. Now you might make a plot in your mind which sounds perfectly predictable about what I will talk in next few lines when it comes to describing the first day at college and I have to agree that you're quite right (please don't tell me what you imagined). 

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